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Are you a Team Leader...?

A Manager...?

Are You Someone Who Manages And Leads A Team Of People?

If you answer YES to any of these, then this toolkit is ESSENTIAL for you!

We are giving away exclusive access to the first of our 3 Spires "Light" Learning series - "The Essential Team Leader Toolkit" (Worth £199.00). 

This toolkit will give you the basic, must have skills, habits and behaviours needed to lead and manage a team of people (especially if you are a newly appointed leader).

"The Essential Team Leader Toolkit" is the starting point of your journey to becoming an inspirational LEADER, and will form the building blocks for the creation of a WINNING team that produces exceptional results.

There are 19 PARTS in total, we will be giving away 1 PART each week - giving you perfect opportunity to practice what you have learnt before you receive the next one! 


What Skills Will You Gain?


Over a 19 week period you will have received every part of the toolkit, each week you will learn something different about what it means to lead a team of people. See below just some of the exciting topics we will cover together:

  • How To Run Effective Meetings
  • How To Run Productive Team Building Exercises
  • Critical Decision Making Techniques
  • How To Manage Your Team Through Change
  • How To Resolve Conflict Within Your Team
  • How To Manage Flexible Working (i.e Field Sales Roles)
  • Setting Key Goals & Objectives For Your Team
  • Conducting Great Performance Reviews (That Increase Future Performance)
  • How To Communicate Effectively With Your Team
  • "Coaching" For High Performance
  • And Much, Much More!

What Do I Need To Do To Get My FREE Toolkit  And Start Building My Winning Team?


Simply fill out all your details below, and we will send you the first part of "The Essential Team Leader Toolkit"!

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