Developing Personal & Professional Skills

Developing Personal & Professional Skills - Communicating with Confidence Training Course, Staffordshire, Midlands.

"Communicating With Confidence"


“Is This You?”


“I always communicate confidently and effectively with clients, managers and colleagues.”

“I deal with complaints positively and with enthusiasm.”

“I remain calm and confident when communicating with “difficult people”.

“If Not, Then This Course Is For You!”


We all have times when we feel we would like to improve the way we get on with people and deal with situations better. We also know that wonderful feeling when a conversation or meeting has gone well, but when it doesn’t it can leave us feeling upset and lacking in confidence.

Come and join in this highly participative and informative workshop.

You will leave with a wealth of ideas to help you become an even more effective communicator, able to deal with a whole range of situations.


“What Will You Gain From This Course?”


By the end of the course you will have:

  • Considered how to make a good initial impression.
  • Learned the benefits of being an effective communicator.
  • Practiced the components of highly effective communication.
  • Understood why communication breakdown occurs.
  • Practiced repairing a conversation that is not going well.
  • Identified and practiced the skills of being assertive.
  • Tried out ideas for giving and receiving feedback constructively.
  • Considered difficult behaviours and how to handle them.
  • Learned ways of managing complaints effectively.


“The Day Is Highly Interactive With Information And Lots Of Opportunities To Practice And Try Out Ideas. On The Day We Will Cover:”

  • Practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills to make a positive impression, including introductions, using names, building rapport, starting and maintaining conversations.
  • Discuss the impact of excellent (and not so good!) communication on you, your clients, the team and the organisation.
  • Learn and practice the skills of highly effective communication including listening and questioning skills, the use of facial expression and body language and how to give and receive feedback well.
  • Learn to identify, prevent and manage barriers to communication coming from you, your listener and/ or the environment.
  • Explore the behaviours and communication skills of assertive, aggressive and passive people.
  • Practice a range of strategies, tools and tips for dealing with challenging behaviours. This will include non-verbal communication, reflecting, refocusing, depersonalising and negotiation.
  • Develop a process for managing complaints.
  • Create a personal action plan for enhancing your communication back at work.


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