Developing Personal & Professional Skills

Developing Personal & Professional Skills - Presentation & Facilitation Skills Training Course, Staffordshire, Midlands

"Presentation & Facilitation Skills"


“Is This You?”


As part of your work are you required to design or deliver presentations or training?

Do you ever need to facilitate meetings or discussions?

“If So This Course Is For You!”


In today’s workplace there are many situations in which we are asked to prepare and deliver presentations or training about our work, services or products. This might be for existing or potential clients or customers, colleagues at work, managers or members of the public or other organisations.

How confident do you feel?

Do you enjoy it or do you feel a certain level of apprehension when faced with this task?

Well help is here!

“What Will You Gain From This Course?”


By the end of the day you will have:

  • Identified what makes an effective presentation.
  • Practiced writing objectives for your presentation or training.
  • Discussed factors leading to effective learning.
  • Considered a range of materials and techniques to support your presentation or training.
  • Gained insight into adapting your presentation or training to meet the needs of specific groups and settings.
  • Considered styles of presenting and facilitation.
  • Practised presenting and facilitating groups of people.
  • Learned how to evaluate the impact of your presentation or training.


“The Day Is Highly Practical, Interactive And Participative With The Emphasis On Developing Your Presentation And Facilitation Skills. On The Day We Will Cover:”


  • Developing a checklist of presentation skills to help us deliver effective presentations and evaluate our presentation skills.
  • A framework for styles of training ranging from presenting to facilitation.
  • A method for creating objectives for your own presentations.
  • Ways of engaging an audience, keeping their interest and achieving desired learning outcomes. This will include gaining attention, the nature of the task or information, learning styles, individual differences between learners and ways of presenting information.
  • How to create and use really engaging and memorable training materials.
  • Ways of adapting presentations to meet the needs of specific groups. This will include what you say and how, using written material, the content, structure and timing of the session.
  • How groups of people behave and how to manage challenges that might occur, including managing questions and ways of dealing with a range of different challenges, such as someone who feels they know more than you, people who do not join in, distracting behaviour and so on.
  • The opportunity to practice presenting and facilitating using a range of materials, facilitation techniques and skills.


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