Developing Personal & Professional Skills

Developing Personal & Professional Skills - Interviewing Skills Training Course. Staffordshire, Midlands.

"Interviewing Skills"


“Is This You?”


Do you carry out interviews with members of the public or people at work?


“If So This Course Is For You!”


There are many situations in which we may be required to conduct an interview, such as recruiting new staff, appraisals and performance reviews, research, information gathering and evaluation.

This course addresses the communication and interpersonal skills that will help you to prepare for and conduct interviews really well.


“What Will You Gain From This Course?”


By the end of the day you will have:

  • Developed a working definition of an interview.
  • Considered how to specify the purpose and outcome of an interview.
  • Identified the practical issues involved in preparing for an interview.
  • Learned how to structure an interview.
  • Practiced planning an interview.
  • Discussed good and bad interviewing skills.
  • Practiced essential communication and interpersonal skills needed to carry out interviews well.
  • Tried out ways of dealing with challenges.
  • Conducted a practice interview


“The Day Is Highly Practical And Participative With Lots Of Opportunities To Practice. On The Day We Will Cover:”

  • What an interview is and what it isn’t.
  • Principles that underpin effective interviews.
  • How to formulate a checklist of tasks to carry out prior to, during and following an interview.
  • Using a 3-stage model for preparing the purpose, outcomes, structure and content of an interview.
  • A range of communication activities designed to practice and enhance our interviewing skills, such as listening, different types of questions, recording and non-verbal communication.
  • Learning and practicing a range of strategies, tools and tips for dealing with challenging behaviours and tricky situations including enhanced communication skills, reframing, refocusing, reflecting and summarising.
  • Creating a personal action plan for implementing your interviewing skills at work.


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