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Leadership & Management Training Course - 3 Spires Learning Ltd are specialise in the delivery of Leadership & Management Training Courses. We are based in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Our Coaching Courses are innovative and creative, and focus on showing participants how to transform from 'bosses' to great coaches that empower individuals to be as good as they can be.



Individual and Team Coaching is an area that focuses on real business issues and empowers individuals to take real ownership of problems, enabling them to succeed in solving the problem.

The goal when we design your coaching programme is simple - to help transform your managers (or yourself!) from 'bosses' to 'coaches'.

'...coaching should be part of everyday interaction with your staff...'

Coaching should not only be part of a monthly one to one, or a quarterly review - coaching should be part of everyday interaction with your staff. We like to remember the two popular definitions of leadership - Old Leadership and New Leadership.

Old Leadership...?


Old Leadership is about controlling people.

'Old Leadership is about controlling people. '

Do you remember hearing your boss/manager - or yourself - tell or instruct an individual what is 'best practice' when in a coaching session, performance review or just generally when giving feedback?

Do you share the common misconception that you must have expert knowledge on a subject to 'coach' an individual in it?

Please, do not feel disappointed or disheartened if this is you (this is the norm...), these attitudes and behaviours are prevalent in our workplace, and our society - and the cultures we work and live in create them.

Telling somebody the answer can work in the short term, but after the initial dialogue - it is usually forgotten. Over time, and many studies and experiments, it has been proven that this controlling method of 'Old Leadership' is simply put, ineffective - it does not work.

New Leadership...?


New Leadership is based on empowering people so they can be as good as they can be.

'New leadership is based on empowering people so they can be as good as they can be...'

This is how we coach - we empower individuals to reach there potential as an employee.

Do you not find it exhilarating when you have completed a challenging project or task yourself? Achieving something because you have taken ownership of the problem - and created a solution?

For all of us, the answer will be 'yes'.

As a coach, through effective questioning, our goal is not to give the solution, but to extract the solution.

If you built a culture in your organisation, where all your leaders became truly great coaches instead of 'bosses'; they empowered people to be as good as they can be, and extracted an individuals true potential - what affect do you think this will have on individual productivity, and overall, your organisations productivity?

We can help you understand why and how this works - and coach your leaders to deliver the most effective tried and tested methods of coaching that empower individuals in your organisation to deliver exceptional results.

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To find out more about how turning individuals into great coaches can dramatically improve their teams morale and productivity, please email us or call us on 0333 006 5055.

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