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Leadership & Management Training Course - Performance Coaching Training Course, Staffordshire, Midlands.

Leadership & Management Courses

Leadership & Management Training Course - Performance Coaching Course - "Leadership Coaching". Coaching, is much more than a set of techniques: it’s a state of mind; a way of being and of relating to others. To coach successfully you need to understand human behaviour; both your own and that of those around you. You need to know when to coach and when to use other leadership styles and what they are. Coaching is the dynamic and interactive process of assisting others in reaching their goals. It involves “unlocking a person’s potential to maximise his or her own performance.”

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"Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power..." - Lao Tzu

"The task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen, but to think what nobody yet has thought about that which everybody sees" #quote

"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it" - Michelangelo

"You cant live a positive life, with a negative mind"

"The things we fear most in organisations - fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances - are the primary sources of creativity." - M.J.Wheatley