Principles of Management - The Foundation to Inspirational Leadership

Complete overview of the Principles of Management Leadership Programme. Highly accredited and highly successful leadership and management training course.

What Is Principles of Management?


The Principles of Management programme is exciting and fun …but very practical. Theory is only used as a springboard for discussion of real-world examples, and delegates mainly learn from taking part in exercises and challenges that illustrate the way leaders and people behave.

It uses a variety of methods to encourage development of the key leadership skills that impact on performance and results... :

  • ‘Classroom’ based workshops
  • Study Assignments, where you complete distance learning workbooks and carry out an assignment
  • Internet based webinar, where everyone logs on to a dedicated Internet site and dials a teleconference number, and watches a presentation and speaks to the tutor, and each other.
  • Written work to demonstrate that you can solve work problems and real leadership issues


The course focuses heavily on self-development and, apart from attendance at the course you will need to devote substantial time to study and written work over the 8-12 months of the programme.

Main Subjects Covered on the Course


  • The Creation of Personal Development Plans
  • Learning Style Preference for Leaders
  • Leadership & Management
  • Task & People
  • Situational Leadership
  • The Link Between Personal Accountability & Business Results
  • Your Own Leadership Style (DiSC) & its Impact
  • Communication Skills that Build Rapport & Trust
  • The Art of Feedback in Performance & Development
  • Creation of Personally Accountable, Enthusiastic, Engaged teams
  • Problem Solving Techniques in Teams
  • Delegation as a Way of Building Strength & Performance
  • Goal & Priority Setting
  • Time Management


All these aspects of leadership are the foundation that builds towards the final skills workshop, where the learning is put into practice. The focus of this last workshop is…

High Performance Coaching Skills

…where delegates learn to become highly skilled coaches who can make a significant impact on performance back at the workplace.

The Role of the Supporting Manager


The delegate’s manager plays a central role in the programme, and will be invited to dial in to the first webinar at the same time as the delegate.  This is because we see their role of ‘coach’ as essential to the programme. To support this they will be sent copies of all Study Assignments and all slides used on the programme.

This is to avoid the scenario where people are sent on development courses, but their managers do not know the content in detail, nor how best to support them afterwards.

The manager’s main role will be to support the creation of SMART development objectives in a Development Action Plan following each module. They will also be the main source of support for the completion of assignments and written work.

Principles of Management Programme Structure


Delegates who successfully graduate will be awarded an Advanced University Diploma in Leadership and Management accredited by the University of Staffordshire. This is a nationally recognised leadership qualification. Graduation depends on attendance at modules and successful completion of assignments.

Studying for a University Qualification


The Principles of Management programme is accredited by Staffordshire University at a level equivalent to the 3rd year of an undergraduate degree. This means that you will gain an Advanced University Diploma in Leadership and Management and will be able to attend the annual University’s Graduation Ceremony.

Studying for a university level qualification requires commitment to studying independently and to applying your learning to your workplace. A Graduate receiving this type of degree would be expected to devote a scary 600 hours to learning.

In this case, a lot of the learning will be ‘on-the’job’ and part of your normal working week. The programme is very practical and the time you normally spend thinking things through, trying out a new way of working or solving problems is included within the 600 hours.

As a guide you could expect to allocate the 600 hours as follows:


- Face to Face learning during modules on the Principles of Management

Programme, over 8-12 months

- Open Day, where you celebrate the end of the programme with your team

and talk about the impact the course has had on you.

80 Hours (10 Days)

6 Hours



- Reflection on Learning

- Discussion with your manager about the course

- Applying your learning in the workplace, trying techniques and monitoring



- Contact with tutor, reading feedback, discussing preparation for


50 Hours

10 Hours

300 Hours

(Notional, as this will

be every working day)

4 Hours

Written Work

- Completion of Distance Learning Workbooks between modules

- Reading and research for 2 written assignments. These are very practical.

One is on solving a problem at work, and the other is about the value of


- Completing Writing Assignments with support from tutors and Staffordshire


10 Hours

80 Hours



60 Hour


Why Should I Choose Principles of Management for our Leadership Programme?


Don't just listen to us telling you how great this leadership programme actually is, see what our graduates have said about it...

"Innovative approach to audience involvement"

"Shown many of the basics that I can use and the training is very relevant to what is required on my team"

"Creating choice. Filling my Tool Box."

"Relating theories to the real world and building on them. Making it real"

"Visual learning and practical examples that make the learning stick"

"Spot so many different situations. The best course I’ve been on"

"The practical tasks were ideal for learning. I could see how to use it"

"Valuable also to meet rest of group and hear their experiences"

"Learning what my styles and behavioural preferences are and how I affect things"

"The confidence it has given me to use the skills"

(See our testimonials page for more...)

Investing in the Principles of Management will have a dramatic impact on employee productivity and performance - and significantly help the long term growth and sustainability of your organisation.

“What Are You Waiting For... Contact Us Now To Book A Consultation & Learn More About This Inspirational Leadership Programme!”

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