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We understand that making the decision to invest in a leadership programme can be an important one, and a difficult one! It can also be a large financial commitment to any size of business.

We are dedicated to our vision of giving everybody the opportunity to learn the skills, habits and behaviours that are shared by so many of the worlds most successful past and present leaders (both in and out of business).

That's why we are are starting by giving away the first of our 3 Spires "Light" Learning series - "The Essential Team Leader Toolkit" (Worth £199.00). This toolkit will provide you with the basic, must have skills, habits and behaviours that you need to successfully lead a team.

We feel It is our duty to help you (and your team) grow as individuals, and as leaders.

"By helping others, we help ourselves."

Additionally, If you are currently in the process of considering ways to build and develop great leaders within your business, we want to help you by showing you how completing our accredited leadership programme - Principles of Management - can transform your people from 'bosses' and 'managers' into LEADERS that truly bring the best out of there teams.

We want to give you the opportunity to see first hand (with ZERO financial commitment), how and why it is so important to grow your management team into leaders that inspire there teams to deliver exceptional results for a business they feel accountable for.


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Subscribe to our newsletter...! Not only will you receive weekly emails giving you free downloadable content consisting of various different learning tools, links to new blogs and lots of expert tips and advice you can easily use on a day to day basis to help develop your leadership skills. We will also send you Part 1 (of 19 in total) of our excellent "The Essential Team Leader Toolkit" (Worth £199.00), part of our 3 Spires "Light" Learning series that we are giving away exclusively to our newsletter subscribers.

This is essential for individuals new to leading a team of people or in fact to anyone in a leadership role (I am sure there will be some things in there you are not doing!), you will receive each consecutive part every week over the course of 19 weeks - all for FREE.

Additionally... We are working on lots more exclusive content that will only be available to our subscribers over the coming months - all at zero cost.

You can forward these on to your colleagues and distribute them out to any one in your business you think it may help.

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We will also send you a link to download a "Try Before You Buy" voucher giving you a FREE TRIAL SESSION on our Accredited Leadership Programme - Principles of Management (terms and conditions apply, see the voucher for details). Giving you the opportunity to take part, hands on, in parts of two exciting modules - Employee Engagement & Personal Accountability.

At absolutely zero cost! So you can see exactly if Principles of Management is right for you and your business, without you having to make any commitment.

What is Principles of Management...?


Principles of Management was designed around our core vision of "Developing Tomorrows Leaders" - to support & build the foundations of our future businesses and economies, through growing and developing inspirational leaders that empower there teams to deliver exceptional results.

It is an Accredited Leadership and Management Development programme suitable for Team Leaders, First Line Managers, Senior Managers and all people who work with a group of people to deliver results.

The programme is accredited by Staffordshire University - and upon successful completion, an Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Management is awarded (60 Level 6 credits).

If you are looking for something that transforms 'managers' into highly effective leaders & coaches that become ultimately accountable for organisational results and truly bring the best out of the individuals in there teams - Principles of Management is perfect for your business...


What Will I Gain By Completing Principles of Management...?


After successfully completing Principles of Management, you will walk away the proud owner of an Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Management.

More importantly... You will gain an arsenal of essential leadership skills that I guarantee will make an absolute difference in not only your working career, but your personal life too. Our main priority is to help the transformation of managers into individuals that lead, through inspiration & highly skilled coaching, and create 'winning teams' that go above and beyond that of which is required - taking ultimate responsibility for the results of the business.

The main skills you will learn are listed below:

  • The Creation of Personal Development Plans
  • Learning Style Preference for Leaders
  • Leadership & Management
  • Task & People
  • Situational Leadership
  • The Link Between Personal Accountability & Business Results
  • Your Own Leadership Style (DiSC) & its Impact
  • Communication Skills that Build Rapport & Trust
  • The Art of Feedback in Performance & Development
  • Creation of Personally Accountable, Enthusiastic, Engaged teams
  • Problem Solving Techniques in Teams
  • Delegation as a Way of Building Strength & Performance
  • Goal & Priority Setting
  • Time Management
  • High Performance Coaching Skills


...See our complete course outline for more details...


When & Where  Will The Trial Sessions Be Taking Place?


The Trial Sessions Are Taking Place At...

Staffordshire University,

College Road,



ST4 2DE.

We are currently allocating bookings for the following dates and time slots below, places are booking up fast so please call us now to book your preferred date as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!


Call 0333 006 5055 Now To Book Your Place!


Email Us To Book Your Place!

The trial session will cover a few sections of two important modules of Principles of Management - Employee Engagement & Personal Accountability. The session will be conducted exactly how it would be on the actual programme, so expect a practical, interactive and FUN few hours with us!

We recommend that you (and/or any other individual involved in the decision making) takes part in the trial session as well - giving you a first hand experience to what you will be investing in.

Afterwards, you can gather feedback from your colleagues who have taken part in the session and see if they believe the programme will truly help them and other potential participants grow as leaders.

We are so confident that you will find the programme invaluable to your business, that you will feel compelled to book the rest. However, if you decide Principles of Management, for whatever reason, is not suitable for you - then you have lost nothing...

...And you will still continue to receive great learning tools from our newsletter!


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